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The US Marine Riders Association is located in and around the
Northern Kentucky, South West Ohio and South Eastern Indiana only.

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The US Marine Riders Association (USMRA) was formed in 2006. We are not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps but we are dedicated to supporting the United States Marine Corps and its related functions, Veterans Groups, Charitable Organizations and keeping the POW/MIA Awareness program alive. At the same time, we foster a brotherhood among us dedicated to the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy and Fleet Marine Corpsman, members of our sister services and other veterans groups while enjoying the life and sport of motor cycling.

Our association members come from all walks of life. At times, some are Active Duty, some are Reservists while others are spouses, girlfriends, individuals from the other branches of the services and civilian associate members. We ride all types of motorcycles both foreign and domestic, two and three wheelers and those with side cars. But owning a motorcycle is not a requirement but desired. It is not the motorcycle or vehicle that counts, it is the fact that we are Marines, veterans or civilians who like motorcycling but have in common a desire to develop a strong brotherhood among us while supporting all service men and women.

We are not a Motorcycle Club and we make no claims to territory but as an Association of Veterans and Individuals who continue to provide support to our Active Duty Members, Reservists, Prior Service Members and Retirees..


Stephen D. Cumpton      USAF Veteran/Sergeant                               Lebanon / Grenada Era           August 8, 2023 

Ted L Hiatt                           USMC Veteran / Corporal                           Vietnam War Veteran              October 26. 2021

Alvin F. Brauch                  USMC Veteran / Sergeant                           Vietnam War Veteran              February 8, 2009

Ron V. Miller                      USMC Veteran / Private First Class           Vietnam War Veteran              May 14 2012

Wayne B. Stewart             USMC Retired / Gunnery Sergeant            Vietnam War Veteran             Jan 23 2013

Sandra L. Kathman         Associate Member                                          Member's Spouse                     Jan 7, 2017

Junior A, Foster                US Navy / Chief Petty Officer                      Vietnam War Veteran             Oct 27, 2022


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